Thursday, June 30, 2011

Daddy, This is MY BLOG!!

I hope this isn't a sign of things to come. I think Ben got a little jealous of my post about Baby Girl C yesterday. Tonight at bath time there was an incident. An attention grabbing incident...which was probably my fault. It was like Ben said "Daddy, you know that song that you play in the car, that you're not supposed to play, but you play it anyway, then you turn to me and say, Don't say those words Ben, well, this is my blog! It's All About the Benjamins Daddy!"  It sounds like something he would say. That or, "My question to you sir, is this my blog or not?" Yes, I'm watching too much Casey Anthony Trial.
*not for little ears*

Ok, so here's the story. I picked up Ben from the babysitter, then headed off to BJ's to pick up a rotisserie chicken for dinner. They didn't have any ready, so I had to walk around the store for 20 minutes.  We stopped by the toy section, the electronics section then the bakery. They gave Ben a frosted sugar cookie. He loved it. He ate the whole thing.

We got home, he was giggling and silly. He had no interest in dinner. We played a bit, then it was bath time. He splashed around, played with his toys, then practiced his swimming. Flipping from his belly to his back, just like they teach him in class (good boy)

While laying on his back, he started making some bubbles. He announced them "bubbles!" Then suddenly he stood up with a panicked look on his face. I reached out to grab him and sit him down. (there's no standing in the bath tub) When I did, he grabbed my arm with both hands and started to grab onto me with his legs too.

I said "Whoa buddy? What's the matter?" He looked at the water, pointed and said "uh-oh" I looked and there was a little poop nugget. "No biggie. I'll fix that for you kid." As I swung him a few inches to the left I saw them. An East River Brown Trout and his friend the Bronze Dolphin. (there's nothing funnier than poop jokes/stories. See past post: Poop, Poop, Poop.)

I scooped him up out of the tub and yelled out to Allison "I need help" she came in, yelled GROSS and started cracking up. We moved him into our shower to finish getting him clean. I jumped in still wearing my shorts, shirt and glasses. Ben took the shower head and tried to spray the dog. He started to giggle. Molly tried to bite the water through the glass door. Ben started belly laughing. This was the hardest I've ever heard him laugh. I was in tears laughing at his laugh. It was awesome. After a few minutes he let me finish his bath and after THREE stories, we put him to bed.

What did I learn today? Next time they someone gives Ben a frosted sugar cookie, only let him eat half.


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