Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Disney World Day with Dad

My in-laws are my babysitters two days a week. They took a vacation so I needed to take two days off of work to look after him. Ask me how upset I was about that. (really not upset at all. I wish I could do it everyday)

On Monday it rained, so I took Ben for a haircut, then we watched some movies and played some games inside.

On Tuesday I took Ben to Disney's Hollywood Studios. It was a great day. The sun was out. It was about 70 degrees with a light breeze. That's winter in FL ladies and gentlemen.

We started off at the Little Mermaid show, then we ran across to the Playhouse Disney Live on Stage show, then we went to meet Mickey Mouse, then we had a pretzel and a Mickey bar, THEN we did some other stuff. It was a busy day.

Ben made a friend. A girl friend. A girlfriend! I'll tell you about it, but first I need to get something off my chest. What's the deal with Brazil? Does anybody work or go to school there?

I've had passes to Disney World 3 out of the 5 years we've lived in FL. EVERY TIME I go to Disney World, I see multiple groups of kids and chaperons from Brazil. EVERY TIME!

Anyway, back to Ben and his girlfriend. Ben was doing people watching from his stroller. All day he was looking around quietly. While we were waiting on line to buy a Mickey Bar, Ben saw a group of girls from Brazil. He started pointing to her, smiling and screeching. She came over and pinched his cheeks. Ben smiled and got bashful.

She was a little too old for Ben and a little too young for me. But I compliment Ben on his taste in women. Brazilian girls are....ok....I better stop now, take a look at the pictures of Ben below.


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