Saturday, September 17, 2011

Cereal, Hold the Milk

I'm one of the few people that does not put milk in cereal. I'll drink a cup of milk while I'm eating it, but combine the two and you can just created a bowl of garbage. I'm not eating it. I'm not a big dipper either. The chip is the main attraction. The dip is an add-on.

Why did I mention that? Because there have been incidents.

The Chip & Dip Incident.
We went to a neighbor's pool party on Labor Day. It was a really nice time. I made my homemade Mac&Cheese and Allison made her famous double-stuffed chocolate chip cookies. I spent most of the party in the pool with Ben while Allison talked to neighbors and friends. The only time we spent out of the pool was to eat.

While Ben was waiting for me to finish eating so we could continue our splash-fest, he found the bowl of potato chips. He ate a few, then he found the dip. He dipped a chip and fed it to Allison. Then he dipped another chip and looked directly at me and said "Dada." He dipped a chip for me. The only problem, I'm not a chip dipper. I feel very strongly that the chip is the meal. If you dip, you should only dip enough to add just a taste to the chip. Chips & Salsa, 7 layer dips and the like are excluded from this rule. In that case, the dip is the meal, but if you're talking potato chips and onion dip, the chip is the meal.

Ben dipped 1/4 of a chip into the dip. The chip was gone, buried under the dip. He walked over to me. I kept telling him "give it to Mommy" but his resolve was strong. He kept coming for his dad. He fed me the chip. I ate it and said thank you, but as soon as he turned away, I made the bitter beer face. This kept up for about 5 or 6 more chips until I eventually couldn't take it anymore and said "who wants to go swimming?" It wasn't 30 minutes since I'd eaten, but I'll risk cramps over eating more dipped chips any day.

 Cereal & Milk
Allison called me at work the other day. She said "Your son just had a complete meltdown because I put milk in his cereal." I said "You're somehow going to blame this on me aren't you."

I don't put milk in my cereal. I'm not a cookie dipper either. Ben has been eating cereal & milk for months. I eat my bowl of cereal with a spoon to make him think there's milk in the bowl, but no milk. I guess he's paying closer attention than I thought. He wants to eat like his daddy. NO MILK.

This morning I watched him have a fit. Allison made his bowl of Life cereal. Then when she took the milk out he started screaming "NO NO!!!" then he waved his arms like a mad man when she actually poured the milk. So I decided to suck it up, do what I had to do and put milk in my cereal.

It was effing disgusting! How can anyone enjoy this? It transformed my normally crunchy, tasty cereal into cold, wet, chewy, tasteless slop. I'm pushing HEAVILY for waffles for breakfast tomorrow, because i don't know if I can eat that crap again.  ;) A dad's gotta do what a dad's gotta do. You know I'll do anything for my kid(s), but I never thought it'd be this. LOL 

Anyway, what cereal do you guys eat? Is there anything that keeps it's flavor and crunch in milk? Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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