Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Every time I think I'm out, they pull me back in

No, I'm not talking about the mob, I'm talking about Babies R Us. The car seat saga continues and there will be another episode tomorrow. Thankfully Jar-Jar Binks has not made an appearance yet, but sadly neither has Natalie Portman. :(
Anyway, car seats. When I was in Babies R Us yesterday, I spoke with two customer service people and a manager. They agreed to re-key in a coupon I used on Sunday and let me return the two Evenflo seats and replace them with two Britax seats. The manager even wrote this nice paragraph and signed it since she wouldn't be on working today. I was excited about that.

I had a looooong meeting with a vendor from about 10:45 - 1:45, so I didn't get to leave for Babies R Us until after 2:00. I went in spoke to the girl at customer service, showed her the note from the manager and we were good to go. I got my two Britax seats and we were doing the transaction.

Being a former BRU-KRU member, I know some insider information. I know if you are having twins, you get a 10% discount on large ticket items. As the girl was doing the returns I started talking to her. I said, "These are the 3rd set of car seats I'm getting and man, they are the most expensive. Do you have any other discounts you can give me?"

She said, "well, we offer a 10% discount if you are having twins, so congratulations and good luck with your twins." I thanked her and played along making a few jokes. I was fully prepared to try that new "Hump day" line I learned from watching Glee last night, but luckily I didn't have to use it.

Fast forward to 6:00 in my in-law's driveway. I take the first car seat out of the box and...son of a bitch...the base is dirty and scratched. They sold me a used car seat! It was scratched up pretty bad, had some discolor to the base and there was dirt and hair all over the base. It's almost like they put the old floor model in a box or a family used it for 3 months then returned it.

Allison called them since I had yard work to do and tomorrow I'm exchanging it for a new one and getting another 15% off. It sucks to keep going back and forth, but after all is said and done, We'll save $110 on this car seat. A Britax Marathon for $170!!! You can't beat that!

Wish me luck. Hopefully as a birthday present to my tomorrow, Babies R Us will give me the right car seat and I'll be done with car seats for a while.


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